Is Traditional Marketing Really Finish In Today Digital Age?

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Hey Readers Welcome In this article I am going to talk about what is the impact of digital marketing on traditional methods of marketing

So that first we should Need to know what the real meaning of Marketing. There is a lot of books Definition of marketing in the Market but here we know what is the actual and real meaning of marketing in the real world.

Marketing is the process of activities or strategies which can help companies to achieve their goals increase their sales or improved Brand perception.

And create value for customers, clients, society at large.

Marketing is not just about selling. It is also about keeping an existing customer Happy by communicating with them so that they can remain a customer for life.

The purpose of marketing is to build a brand and capture a position in the mind of customers. But Always remember never let the marketing becomes more important than the product. A great product sells itself. A great product converts your customer into your brand ambassador in the word of mouth marketing is the best marketing channel ever. You need a great product but marketing not just help people’s discover the product but also have a good perception of the product.

Marketing has long self-life because it is rooted in human psychology.

Let Go Little Deep In Process Involves Research, Promoting, Selling and Distributing of the product.

Marketing starts even before creating a product. It starts with understanding the market and customer and Needs of customers to create a product or creating a marketing strategy or campaigns for product and services.

Four P’s of Marketing Essential in Your Marketing Strategy :


These four P’s of Marketing is very essential in every approach of marketing is either a traditional marketing or digital marketing.

Marketing is not just about one single strategy but Rather a combination of many different techniques or tactics.

Some Essential Marketing Strategies :

Marketing plan

Direct marketing

Relationship marketing

Guerilla marketing






Now we going to understand what digital marketing is And how it can more help you accomplish your Business Goal?

Digital marketing in simple words providing information about products services and the company or any other things to potential customers to generate sales through the Internet ( social media, search engines, websites other digital marketing platforms)

Digital marketing also has the same Objectives as Traditional or offline marketing But Differ in that Digital marketing provides Marketers with Right tools to create and measure and increase ROI and measure Campaigns,

It is the future of marketing

AS INDIA see nearly 500 million Internet user ( second largest consumer in the world)

Marketing Spends on Digital Channels Have increased by 20 per cent According to Industry estimates, meanwhile, Morethan of two-thirds of the India population is yet to even be online.

One of the biggest selling points of the digital medium is its accountability. You can invest, measure and understand who exactly you reached out to which strategy works or Not. From this, we can estimate the futures of Digital marketing.

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Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing does not mean its old fashioned. Traditional marketing still plays an important role in people lives with the ever-growing need to step out of the digital world. Impact of tv commercial and tactile nature of copy magazines, newspapers copy are as important today as were before because of their lasting effects on your memory.

Digital marketing is just important as Traditional if not even more so because of digital marketing use every touchpoint of your daily use of the Internet to reach you. Have you wonder any time if you google searching for some food recipes for your tonight dinner, the chances are that you soon after you will see an ad from some food delivered services like zomato, swiggy etc. Using the Internet for several hour’s each day is a normal part of most of the people’s day to day life.

With the rise of social media, traditional marketing is often undervalued by marketer’s, however traditional marketing still very much has a place in consumer day to day life.

Traditional Marketing Channels

  • Outdoors (billboards, posters taxi, bus, other transportation)
  • Broadcasting (tv, Radio)
  • Print (magazine, newspapers)
  • Telemarketing (text messages, phone call

Medium or channel of marketing totally depends on your products and services and your target consumers Market. If your product is more Genric with very wide targeting then Traditional is the best way of marketing. Tv ads can reach millions at a low cost. Newspapers have a reach of 465 million. Templates, billboards, Holding, Radio marketing has wide public reach.

How do you measure ROI As Non-Digital advertising

  1. Ask the customer- A simple customer poll is sometimes all it takes to find out where they heard about you. And which marketing strategy worked.
  2. Monitor all your campaigns and Revenue
  3. Use trackable unique phone numbers in your ads
  4. Call tracking is another fail-safe method to know your ROI. If you call to action is a call or a missed call.

On another side, Digital marketing is the best medium to reach or target any specific type of population either on basis of Demographic, Age, Gender, Education and others etc.

It is a system which allows the advertiser to promote or services online by way of platforms and strategic tools all of which aligned with the company overall to create and measure campaign strategies easily.

Factor That Affects Your Marketing Strategy :


Internal factors are those that your organisation can control somehow

But External factors are those that your organisation can’t control. Are the most difficult to handle as they are not in control of your organisation.

Internal factors :

1.knowing your Target Audience- Specifically identifying and thoroughly understanding the target audience is the most important first step in any Marketing strategy Initially.

2.Having clear and Measurable goal and objective As a marketer we always have to clearly identify in a clear manner what we want to achieve as an organisation.

3. Communication The Most Important the most impressive marketing strategies in the world won’t work unless you communicate the value of your product or service to your customers. You need to clearly communicate exactly what your product offer if they can purchase a similar product or service from some elsewhere, you need to communicate what makes you different and better than your competition. Marketing is all about good communication able to transfer your thoughts effectively to consumers. Communication doesn’t mean sophisticated English or Vocabulary or Grammer.

4.Data Examination

In these days of Google Analytics, free marketing tools help you take your insights of a marketing campaign which perform better or not where people lost touch with the campaign or from where you get good responses and which location, Age, the gender you get what types of responses then it helps you plan you next campaign move on based on data that in your hand.

External factors :

1.Political - Changes in legislation may create or prevent opportunities

2 Technology - Market are affected by rapid changes, if a business doesn’t keep up to date with technology, they will find that their product might become obsolete old dated.

3 Social-Cultural belief of society changes in structures and attitudes of society can have major implications for makers.

4.Global economies-It would be Great if the success of your marketing plan depends solely on your own creativity and effort but the harsh truth is other factors get in the way.

Inflation, Demand and supply, interest rates taxes and recession all influence how much money people have to spend as well the price of your products. These factors have a direct impact on the market As well as the customer.

Personal Branding

Everyone knows the importance of good branding when it comes to business but what about building a personal brand that associated with you as an individual?

Never underestimate the power of personal branding when you did right it can be your most valuable Asset.

Because people’s want to hear from people not from Brands

Personal Branding is what shapes the perception of an individual in the eyes of the public. Personal Branding is all about Building Your Reputation Creating an Image of Yourself For The Outside World and Marketing Yourself as An Individual.

Your Personal Brand is the story that told about you when you’re not in the room. It may feel a bit uncomfortable to think of yourself as a personal brand. What do people say about your work?

Building a personal brand intentionally will allow you to tell your story as you want it to be told. To establish yourself as an expert and leader in your field and to connect with your customers.

Looks at virtually a successful people’s YouTuber, blogger, or Bussines person with an online fan base and you will see that their personal Brand play a major role in their success. Personal Brand is their Biggest Asset.

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The key to run a Great marketing campaign in today times is to find the right balance between traditional and digital marketing. In 2020 both play an important role in marketing strategy. We have to move with time and incorporate digital marketing into their marketing strategy so that they don’t miss out on some huge marketing opportunities. In order to reach, broader and young audiences. Ultimately both types of marketing have their potential but they key is understanding your specific marketing needs, your target audience, considering your marketing budget both Digital And Traditional Marketing Can Work For You, as Long as You Know What Your Target Audience and What Audience Want.

Hopefully this article somewhere Helpful for You.


Ashish Shalya

Importance of Content in Digital Marketing

If you want to start something on digital platforms Or launch a Digital marketing campaign you need content. Content is like a  heart beat of any digital marketing strategy. It is essential for success. Content can help any business in any industry. It is also affordable, easy to create and work like Asset because it is long term results giving nature.

Try to launch a digital marketing strategy  without content is a lot like a drive a car without an engine it just won’t go anywhere. Content and marketing are both like a partner and go hand in hand in business success. Content is considered as king. And Marketing is considered as Queen.

But now we need to understand what is content Exactly?

Content is general term used to describe any kind of information description of your business product or service or any other information which you want to convey to your audience in form of words, Images videos, text, infographic. Content is mainly made of all these elements text, Images, Videos, info graphic.

Content gives users a reason to stay on your website. The default settings after you buy a domains and hosting will not do any good for your business. If the site is just as  a parked page. No body will look into it. Content gives value to a website by giving a users a reason to go on it. When you have content on your place whether it is (websites ,blogs ,social media profile or any other platform) people have a reason to visit your places and get something from it .

Content is considered Good when it delivers the right message to the millions of hearts and mind of the customers. Good content encourages the audience to engage with your all updates and discussion if the content is worth giving. A reader will scroll down and read your whole content, chances increase to share, like and comment on your piece of content. But most of time content part is neglected by Marketers, however the success of your business primarily determined on the kind of content you share with your end user. It can be blog,website content, videos, visual pictures, your social media profile.

What made content as important part of Digital marketing.

Content create impression in audiences mind which proves an important role in field of marketing. In today digital world, creating content should be top goal in order to increase more inbound traffic to your website and become customers.

1.Content Inform your Audience.

Content help to inform about you, your business, Industry what you do  it answers those basic questions that many of your potential customers have.

2.Content is sharable on different platforms / Helps in promotion

3.Content ranks in Google Seo.

4.Content earns conversation.

5.Content is like building your own asset.

6.Content build your authority in your field.

6.Content encourages engagement

7.Content create Impression.

Creating content is means that you have something to show and share with your audience and engaging them as per your requirements. If you never tried creating content online, then now its time to start. Your business will thank you Later Definitely.